Reserve Energica the first Italian electric motorcycle

Energica 2013. The electric motorcycle from CRPInnovation and entrepreneurial genius from the manufacturer of Modena have led to the creation of ENERGICA, the first Italian electric streetbike.

ENERGICA represents the first model of electric motorcycle made-in-Italy. ENERGICA comes from the passion and experience of CRP Group that has faced the challenge of changing habits. They have used the finest technology in order to design a future eco-friendly vehicle with high performance. It is not by chance that this ambitious project was carried out in Modena, the homeland of the Italian Motor Valley famous worldwide for the luxury sportcars that are produced in that territory.

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Energica and Ampera at Energica Trophy in Modena

Energica TrophyOn 21th June the new racetrack of Modena (Italy) will host the first event dedicated to electric two-wheels, organized by CRP.
A venue that will transform the homeland of Italian motor valley in a festival dedicated to sustainable technology applied to powerful motorcycles.
The eCRP, the electric vice-world champion racebike will be on track at the Modena circuit while Energica, the electric streetbike can be seen in the paddock of the circuit. Confindustria Modena and Motor Valley have given their patronage to the event in order to reinforce the importance of it for the local territory. Among the partners there will be the dealer of Modena Renostar that will provide the first European electric car, the Opel Ampera.
The new era of high-performance electric vehicle starts from Modena and CRP invites you to be part of the future of eco-mobility.
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Project for a new electric motorbike from the italian eCRP

NextGen SuperbikeThe world of two wheels has been involved by the green movement and the need to meet the requirements of environmental protection by reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and the use of less polluting industrial processes.

eCRP, the spin-off of CRP Racing, is a new project for a street motorbike with electric propulsion. This is an innovative project and the aim is to create a motorbike that is close to the environment and needs of people, in order to give them adrenaline and fun.

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Using fat to make biofuel

from-fat-to-biofuelThe engineers from North Caroline State University have developed a new biofuel technology to turn any fat source into fuel that can be used for powering jet airplanes.
Any form of oil can be used for the production of fuel like vegetable oils, animal fat and even from algae.

The technology used here in the creation of the fuel is called Centia which means “green power” in Latin.

NC State has received provisional patents for the process of converting fats into jet fuels and for additives in cold weather biodiesel fuels.

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Using horse muck as a form of energy

horse-muckHorse owners own horses for many reasons like for transportation, as a hobby or for racing purposes.
However not many people have really known that horse waste can be the base for an invaluable and renewable source of energy too.

With the need for new sources of energy to fuel vehicles and provide electricity growing everyday, researchers have found some good news in being able to produce energy from horse muck.

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